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these rocks don’t lose their shape. . .Cushion Cut

Shame that such a pretty cut gets such a bum-rap in the naming department – this is also the easiest of the three blocks so far – no y-seams!  But really after the first two blocks, y-seams are a piece of cake now, eh?  :) I’m really enjoying the ability to audition the fabric placement […]

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70 weeks in the making. . .a finish. . .

Woot woot!!! According to IG, this first picture was taken 70 weeks ago. . . I’ve learnt so much since then. . . How we and the plant life have grown since then. . . My most favorite finish to date. . . Quilt Stats: Pattern: Midnight at the Oasis by Jen Kingwell Fabric & Binding: […]

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these rocks don’t lose their shape. . .Princess Cut

I’ve decided my diamonds will be decked out in Cherie by Frances Newcombe (click to check out her blog).  I love this line and I’ve stocked up on yardage with the intent to do our bedroom in this fabric, I really think it manages to be pretty without the fear of leaving my husband to feel like […]

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He may be old, but he’s still sharp. . .

Fresh off the machine, another finish for 2015 I’m being a little footloose and fancy free with the term finish – the binding isn’t quite finished, but I wanted to get to this point quickly as I may be spending some time in a laundromat this weekend as we’ve been without a dryer for about a […]

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Stash Bee WIP no more!

No rustic barns, no snowy fields. . .but still one heck of a quilt photo shoot! I would love to thank of the members of Stash Bee Hive 10 2014 – you ladies rock! Nela: Shari: Cyndi: Stephanie: And the other ladies of Stash Bee Hive 10, 2014 Cyndi, Ruth, Lesley, Karen and Shari – […]

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all thanks to Kim Kardashian’s behind. . .

I am a devoted ET Entertainment Tonight watcher, I can hum you the intro and very Pavlovian like, I will drop what I’m doing and focus on the screen as soon as it sounds. . .but there is even a limit to how many times I can hear/read the same gossip story.  My bi-monthly hair […]

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swiped from Craftsy. . .

How I have tortured my IG friends with photos of these placemats!  I shamelessly stole the idea from Craftsy – using the same Kaffe Fassett cool range millefiori fabric, the same pattern layout.  But rather than a QAYG, I actually built the quilt sandwich – I’m hoping to become more comfortable FMQ and this was an […]

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these rocks don’t lose their shape. . .

Over the holidays I like to bring out all the old films; Bringing Up Baby, Arsenic & Old Lace, of course White Christmas and one of my favorites: How to Marry a Millionaire.  With Lauren Bacall passing last year it was a bit of a tribute to watch her and remember what a feisty lady she […]

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C-c-c-cold in SOCal. . .

Most of North America is busy rolling their eyes at us, but it seems winter has reached glorious SOCal!  This jaded Canadian is shivering and wondering exactly who forgot to pay their sunshine tax this month? Just in time I managed to finish my final finish for 2014 – tah-dah! Oh I do love this […]

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Secret slipper mods. . .

there were two things I wanted to try before making the secret slipper pair for my partner: 1. try Annie’s soft and stable for the sole – I’m hoping to make the slippers a little more cushy. . .I’ll try this soon and get back to you. . . 2. glue the bottom binding. . .without […]

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