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it always starts with the wantsies. . .

when i get the wantsies, I get ‘em bad.  Over in Insta-world I noticed some slippers popping up. . .a little stalking and googling later I found this was a pattern by Ayumi Takahashi and in an old issue of Stitch Magazine (Summer 2011).  A quick payment of $3.99 and a week later the magazine […]

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Design Board!

So after the fail of my first design wall – yup still licking those wounds, and getting tired of the washi tape – works if you’re not planning to move anything for a while, but not when you want to play around with placement – if you look close you can see the wounds that the […]

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Midnight at the Oasis, how smitten I am with you!

So we had a little bit of a photo-shoot this weekend to celebrate the second from last border on my Midnight at the Oasis quilt! this was my first shot waiting for the family to get organised (and to be honest it’s kinda my favorite) Courthouse steps are up next!  Never made a court house […]

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January Bee Block

I’m very excited about a new image on my side bar – I am a member of a Quilting Bee this year – Woot! Woot! This was what our January Queen requested: very fun block to make and I thought I’d make her a little crochet bee to celebrate my first bee, any excuse to […]

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2013 ROCKED!

It really did, I tried soooo many amazing techniques, I scored so much fabric and I started so many awesome projects. . .but I didn’t actually finish many things. I’ve yet to actually finish a quilt. Pity. I did finish a little car seat cover for a little girl who should be joining us any […]

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Customer Service Call. . .ta dah!

I buy just about everything online. . .I mean with 2 toddlers, you can’t pay me to walk into a store and I am sure that there are many that would pay us to stay out. . . . . .so when my cell rang and displayed “Customer Service” as the caller, I answered.  Especially […]

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How I churn out churn dash blocks. . .

Hmm, no matter how funny things sound in my head. . .anyway, let me take you back a couple weeks. I was dreading the next border of my Midnight at the Oasis quilt. . .the tiny churn dash blocks – 52 of them! Oh my goodness, that looks like sooooo much work – you can […]

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Secret to a successful marriage #57. . .and a WIP update. . .

Secret to a successful marriage #57: learning to look apologetic when you’re summoned to the bathroom to see the clump of hair your husband pulled from the clogged bathtub drain. . .and if you can manage the following with sincerity. . . “how terribly dreadful dear, thank you ever so much. . .“, it can […]

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How about WIP Friday?

I’ve been dragging my feet something terrible on these applique borders. . .I’ve only partially completed the top and left side. . . I still need to sew down the basket handle, join the vines over the basket and add a little flower. . .then do the other two sides!  In my self imposed ADD, […]

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WIP Wednesday, Midnight at the Oasis. . .

A quick progress post, I’m thinking I may be able to stitch a leaf or two before I go to bed, but I’ll take a break because I’m dying to show you how my Midnight at the Oasis QAL is coming along! I managed to sew all my orange peel blocks together and attach them […]

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