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mad skillzzzzzz. . .

I am still amazed when I manage to accomplish something handy.  I don’t mean build something from Ikea or unclog a toilet – two skillz I am well versed in. . .but complete a task in which I was sure the resolution would’ve involved buying something new. Ages ago we received a king sized down filled duvet […]

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Kindergarten, woot! Woot!

We had our first day of kindergarten this week.  And really, what good is it having a mum that sews if you don’t have anything handmade for that first day?  I knew I wanted to make her a backpack, but I was warned by the teachers that the backpack couldn’t be small and cute.  I never […]

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these rocks don’t lose their shape. . .Asscher Cut

Royal Asscher – check the link for a little history about one of my favorite cuts. I think the messing around with the fabrics in this line are just too much fun! Now this block took a little time. . . some pins. . . and patience. . .   but. . . in the […]

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Stash Bee WIP no more. . .take two!

This year I asked the awesome ladies of Hive 2 to make a heart block. Stash Bee Tutorial here. Once all the blocks arrived, I chose two for a very special project for my husband and arranged 12 blocks with some sashing.  I used Kona solids Film story jelly roll. After tiring with my straight […]

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these rocks don’t lose their shape. . .Cushion Cut

Shame that such a pretty cut gets such a bum-rap in the naming department – this is also the easiest of the three blocks so far – no y-seams!  But really after the first two blocks, y-seams are a piece of cake now, eh?  :) I’m really enjoying the ability to audition the fabric placement […]

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70 weeks in the making. . .a finish. . .

Woot woot!!! According to IG, this first picture was taken 70 weeks ago. . . I’ve learnt so much since then. . . How we and the plant life have grown since then. . . My most favorite finish to date. . . Quilt Stats: Pattern: Midnight at the Oasis by Jen Kingwell Fabric & Binding: […]

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these rocks don’t lose their shape. . .Princess Cut

I’ve decided my diamonds will be decked out in Cherie by Frances Newcombe (click to check out her blog).  I love this line and I’ve stocked up on yardage with the intent to do our bedroom in this fabric, I really think it manages to be pretty without the fear of leaving my husband to feel like […]

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He may be old, but he’s still sharp. . .

Fresh off the machine, another finish for 2015 I’m being a little footloose and fancy free with the term finish – the binding isn’t quite finished, but I wanted to get to this point quickly as I may be spending some time in a laundromat this weekend as we’ve been without a dryer for about a […]

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Stash Bee WIP no more!

No rustic barns, no snowy fields. . .but still one heck of a quilt photo shoot! I would love to thank of the members of Stash Bee Hive 10 2014 – you ladies rock! Nela: Shari: Cyndi: Stephanie: And the other ladies of Stash Bee Hive 10, 2014 Cyndi, Ruth, Lesley, Karen and Shari – […]

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all thanks to Kim Kardashian’s behind. . .

I am a devoted ET Entertainment Tonight watcher, I can hum you the intro and very Pavlovian like, I will drop what I’m doing and focus on the screen as soon as it sounds. . .but there is even a limit to how many times I can hear/read the same gossip story.  My bi-monthly hair […]

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