Calling all children of the 70’s, we know what anticipation means, eh?

70’s Heinz ketchup commercial. . .anticipation! . . .enjoy 🙂

wasn’t that hilarious, a little memory from my childhood. But that’s exactly how I feel right now, I have a confession – I started a blog about sewing, right after I killed my sewing machine. . .

It was nothing fancy, it was the machine with minimal investment to see if I would enjoy the craft. . .i got hooked.

In the beginning I made the usual, I outfitted our apartment with clean crisp curtains, made my husband, then fiancé, a couple shirts, made skirts, simple dresses, bathroom rug, kitchen sink rug, a couple pillows. . .Zapka the wonder dog got a cape one Halloween. . .never did i attempt a quilt. . .

Then we got married, bought a house, setup my sewing room, had a baby, had visitors, packed up my sewing room, had another baby. . .

Finally I brought that much loved machine out of hibernation and put together my first quilting project, the FQ Christmas tree skirt.

I appliquéd all the houses, stars, basted with pins and made myself a separate little practice quilt sandwich to see if I could do it and realized this stripling was a technique that would need a little more practice, but I did have my heart set. . .

To keep my daughter interested, (yup, blaming the two year old), i also started our first lap quilt Vintage Holiday by Camille of Simplify

Then my trusted, all be it shaky sewing machine, started eating our fabric!

I cleaned the bird’s nest from the bobbin area, cleaned out the fabric dust bunnies, changed the needle and watched as the old gal chewed more fabric and made new bird’s nests.

Looks like she gave up the ghost!

Now I’ve had my heart set on a Pfaf ever since I tried one at the Toronto One of a Kind Craft Show. . .it sewed like butter, not a shake nor a quake. . .and my crush has deepened. . .the pocket book not so much.

I revisited my secret sewing machine desire, so hard to justify all that dough! Instead I purchased a singer, now I’m waiting. . .anticipating it’s arrival.

I’m a little concerned as a lot of comments complain about the machine doing a fair bit of fabric chewing. . .I’ll still give the new girl a shot – half of me (hah) is hoping she fails miserably. . .but I’ll drag you along on my journey – kay?

So now we wait. . .do you mind if I show you what’s kept my hands busy:

1. Organizing our sewing/crafts area:

Haul it out, sort through and then pack it away – neatly!

2. This wonderful crochet project from Stacey of Fresh Stitches: Roosevelt the Monster

Matty’s monster Roosevelt

3. Treated myself to issue #two:

My little reading pleasure. . .

Happy weekend everyone!

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2 Comments on “Calling all children of the 70’s, we know what anticipation means, eh?”

  1. October 6, 2012 at 8:46 pm #

    Hi Caroline! Welcome to the community of blogging! Hope you find lots of inspiration ; ) your sewing area looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing what you create. Not sure how you found my blog, but thanks for stopping by ; )

    • October 6, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

      Hi Carla, I’ve been a fan of your blog for quite a while – hope you get one of these messages while I try to get the hang of this! 🙂

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