oh the irony!

Yesterday I was gleefully telling my Mr how happy I was that we didn’t use up my birthday and Christmas presents for the next ten years and buy me that Pfaf. . .i was thoroughly enjoying my new Singer – honest!  I grinned from ear to ear as my eyes drooped, finally forcing myself to turn the machine off and go to bed.

Today, that wonderful machine started eating my fabric.  I changed the needle.  It continued to eat my fabric whilst creating these little nests in the bobbin holder.

I changed the bobbin and went to town with the canned air – no change.

Lamenting to customer service – you see I bought the machine on the 3rd of October and I have video of the kids playing with the box and packaging it arrived in on the 8th – the girl  said I would be contacted so I can return the machine and get a replacement. . .

Here’s to hoping I just got a bad one, eh?

I’ve gleefully found something to keep me entertained till then. . .



Categories: Gentle Musings, Hooky aka Crochet, WIPs

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