keeping busy. . .

. . .without the sewing machine, I’ve had some time to refocus on some old favorites. . .

Lucy from the Attic has a great little tutorial on crochet stars, Attic 24 – Stars Tutorial she actually has tons of great tutorials and a really nice blog.

Stars a la Lucy from the Attic24

once we’ve joined the stars, they will either be garland or maybe window dressing?


and Stacey from Fresh Stitches had a great little mystery CAL, my daughter took to the latest crochet creation immediately and i had to take this photo days later 🙂  even if you don’t crochet, you can find all kinds of interesting information on Stacey’s blog, it really is one of my favs!

Archer Mystery CAL


so I have a little bit of frogging to do on my little one’s dress – took the stitch pattern to the edge and now I can’t finish off the crochet edge neatly.

Favorite dress

if you are a Ravelry member you can find the pattern here: Elenka Ravelry and if you aren’t, this should work: Knitty Elenka.  I’ve made this dress a few times and it is a nice easy knit, done in the round so no seams to stitch.  (so you would think i would get it done without messing it up, eh?  totally knitter error!  the pattern is awesome)


Categories: Christmas preparation, FOs, Hooky aka Crochet, Magic Sticks aka Knitting

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