nostepinde aka ball winder

. . .i know. . .i know. . .the lucky recipient of this for Christmas:

still in awe that she’s mine 🙂

should really not be treating herself. .  .but look. . .


isnt she gorgeous?  and really, i did neeeeed one. . .i don’t have a ball winder, unless you count my thumb, forefinger, etc., and just look how pretty she is?

a winding we shall go. . .

and look at the winding i need to do. . .really, i’ve saved myself money 😉 if you get a chance check out Katherine Kowalski’s Etsy Shop, she has some gorgeous treasures for sale!

besides, winding is rather therapeutic, gives me time to contemplate and plan what projects i want to work on in 2013. . .picking fabrics for this:

should have a post on that soon!  here’s a link to Don’t Call Me Betsy’s post.


Categories: Yarn Goodness, Yarn Tools

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