sock-worthy. . .

After a few attempts during the summers with my grandparents, I didn’t truly knit again until I was in my 20s and going to university, by keeping my hands busy I was able to knit my way onto the Dean’s list.  Something about releasing that nervous energy into creating something, it allowed my brain to focus on databases and programming code etc. and since then I’ve always had a project on the go.

 Less than a year ago I was inspired by various blogs to try my hand at crochet.    


For most knitter (unless you are super speedy, or perhaps I’m just super slow, hmmm) it can take ages to see results.  You may hear a knitter refer to someone as “sock-worthy”, this basically translates to a salt of the earth kinda person, because to make a pair socks. . .HUGE time investment!

But crochet?  Oh My Goodness!  It’s like immediate gratification!!!  Once you get the swing of the pattern, you can smoke through anything and in less than a few hours, you can have something like this: 

A little wonky perhaps, yet terribly handsome!

Now, I’ve never made a pair of socks, but I was checking out these bed booties, size 11 needles with a chunky yarn,

  freshly wound. . .yup, I think I just might know someone bed bootie worthy!  Now where did I put those DPNs?  Night!

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