size 11 DPNs. . .

We searched high and. . .well the nippers searched low, but I am using the ‘royal we’ here.
I have an awful habit, that I can’t fully blame on the nippers. . .I have little projects scattered throughout the house – I defend this by explaining that you can never tell which room the nippers and I will end up in, and if they happen to be playing sweetly, it’s always beneficial to have a little something to keep my hands busy etc.,
. . .sounds good, eh?
Confession time, I’ve done this always, yup forever.  I manage to get things done, yes.  But I also manage to lose projects, favorite tools and some might say, my mind.  On very days like today when the search is on because I’m itching to start something – my habit can be very maddening!
That something today is a Christmas present, yup.  Crazy, I know.  But if I want to tackle my list, I gotta start.  My chunky yarn is wound and calling to be made into a warm snugly pair of sleeper booties.
So after the mandatory look-see in the proper storing place for the DPNs came up ziltch, we combed the house – again the ‘royal we’
*heavy sigh* the search did not result in the size 11s, but I did unearth the 10.5s, swatching this puppy as I type.

Sleeper Booties Swatch

I’ll go ahead and leave this project up in my bedroom, and if you don’t mind, a couple months from now when I’m wondering where these bed booties have gone. . .do you think you could remind me?  😉

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