hark the fabric calls!?!

Oh, I’ve been having fun with my hexies, deliciously so. . .but as the opening song for Sesame Street sounded and I watched as the nippers settled. . .I almost begrudgingly put down my hexies and got to cutting some fabric for the Craftsy BOM I’m taking part in.

Cutting went smoothly and I was even able to get a little sewing in.

Then I got sidetracked and had to do some frogging:

ugh! froggin’

But it all worked out in the end.

Wonky log cabins – January

This is the first block in the BOM I’m taking part in.  This is a free one with Craftsy and I am really enjoying it so far.  The instructor Laura Nownes is knowledgeable  quick to share her experience and I’m confident that I will learn quit a bit.  I believe I already have:

1. Laura reviewed how to prepare your fabric for cutting, and actually cut

2. Advised to omit the back stitching by keeping a shorter stitch length, Laura suggests 2.5, my machine defaults to 2.4 so I’m golden.

3. How to chain piece a log cabin block, which is the first block in the sampler

I’m liking my ‘safe’ colour selection.  let the focus be the blocks.

Oh and the best part of the Craftsy experience?  If you try to sneak ahead by selecting to view the next lesson too early – you get the cheekiest little message – worth signing up just for that, go try it!

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2 Comments on “hark the fabric calls!?!”

  1. January 12, 2013 at 5:42 am #

    Craftsy does have some great classes. They’ve really helped me expand my knitting skills. If I was set up for sewing, I’d be tempted to take this class. It’s hard to resist a freebee!

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