inspiration and awe

aka Hearts, Green Tea & Sweet Beans. . . I credit two quilts with really giving me the buzz to give this quilting lark a good honest go:

First and foremost, Romance at the Cabin by Linda Rotz Miller

Romance at the Cabin by Linda Rotz Miller


and Green Tea and Sweet Beans by Jen Kingwell:

Jen Kingwell

When I first saw versions of the second quilt on Flickr (7+months ago) I knew I wanted to make it, and with spectators ignorance I figured let’s give it a go!

Doing a little research aka snooping the web, I discovered that this quilt was the result of a quilt along hosted by Jen Kingwell.  A little more hunting resulted in the pattern book pictured above!

I’m not ready to start this quilt.  My skill set isn’t there yet.

different techniques used within the quilt

I will finish my BOMs and the few other little projects for the year thus building my skills whenever the nippers will allow. . .but look out 2014, we’ll be sharing a little green tea and sweet beans. . .

as for Linda’s gorgeous hearts. . .that’s the quilt that kicks me in the butt when I get a little lazy, I have it printed in colour on the wall in my sewing area (Linda, I forgot to ask if that’s ok?).  I aspire to one day be that good, not just in skill, but in talent – to see the colours, recognize the character of fabric and understand value the way Linda does and make it look soooooooo easy. . .you won’t go wrong taking a few to checkout Linda’s work – gorgeous!

now Linda.. .about that print out. . .heh-heh, ahem  🙂

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