Momma Lazy lll

Sunday I woke up early,

really early,

dark outside,

dog told me to “get lost” early.

So I made myself a cup of tea, sat down and thought I would get some crochet done – I’m finishing up some sensory baskets for Nipper2.

About 20min into my solitary bliss, Nipper1 came stumbling down the stairs. After a few cuddles, stretches and a glass of milk, I put her to work – collect items for Nipper2 that were smooth or rough.

First we pulled out our wooden block,

we discussed the smooth side and what other things she can find around the house that feel the same way.

then we reviewed rough and I dispatched her to find some rough objects for the little crochet basket.

Wednesday I’ll tell you about that Busytown pouch πŸ™‚


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