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projects using the gorgeous fabric by Tula Pink

Kindergarten, woot! Woot!

We had our first day of kindergarten this week.  And really, what good is it having a mum that sews if you don’t have anything handmade for that first day?  I knew I wanted to make her a backpack, but I was warned by the teachers that the backpack couldn’t be small and cute.  I never […]

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Ms Kingwell, please forgive me. . .

I must admit to taking a shortcut. . .even though I believe the end result is terribly cool and given a moment or two I could spin this into ‘how I devised a plan as a tribute to some of my favorite fabric designers. . .’ Butter wouldn’t melt, eh? true true. . . I […]

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Instagram killed the blogger in me. . .

Sung to video killed the radio star- yup showing my age again. . .here, let’s try it again, with me this time Instagram killed the blogger in me . . . hmmmm. . .well almost. Instagram is really cool for: 1. Instant gratification – sooo many people all connected by a little hashtag, all willing […]

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hexie madness. . .

after a productive weekend, just not in a crafty way – every spare moment this week has been devoted to my hexie maddness – I just cant get enough!  and this task has been made OH SO MUCH more fun by this wonderful present that the postman left on my doorstep. . .   like i […]

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