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Flying by the seat of my pants quilt for Thing 2.

Short attention span. . .

I have an awfully short attention span and find that I need to have multiple projects on the go and work better when I can break from one assignment and move onto another one. I think that’s why I am enjoying the quilt BOMs, even though I am a bit behind. But I did get […]

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If I could just keep my eyes open. . .

I love my sleep, love to stretch, snooze, slumber. . .love it, and I love it 8 hours worth at a time. Oh the days before children when that was attainable – terribly dramatic, eh? 😉 I must admit, lately by 8:30 in the evening, I’m toast. I have just enough energy to shower, brush […]

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Suess for a little man. . .

not sure where I’m going with this one. . . just cutting and sewing. . . having fun. . .but I should probably get some uniform sized blocks. . . and sew them together, see how it turns out.   hah!  Sounds like I know what I’m doing, eh?  Haven’t the foggiest!  🙂

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Suess for the Birthday Boy

One more quilty project with a March 1st deadline.  My little man turns 1 on the first of March and I would like this to be his present. . . When I found this Seuss quilt and thought it would be fun and wanted to make a few changes:  1. add a Minky backing 2. No binding, […]

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