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2014 – the year of the swaps. . .

2014 will truly be billed forever as the year of the swap!  Would you like a little sample of what I’ve done – I hope you say yes because here goes. . . #SchnitzelandBooMiniSwap Stash Bee Hive 10 Modern InstaBee Hive 10 Handmade Birthday swap – Late Bloomer’s Club My Favorite 241 tote for the Tote […]

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it always starts with the wantsies. . .

when i get the wantsies, I get ’em bad.  Over in Insta-world I noticed some slippers popping up. . .a little stalking and googling later I found this was a pattern by Ayumi Takahashi and in an old issue of Stitch Magazine (Summer 2011).  A quick payment of $3.99 and a week later the magazine […]

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